Lazy, crazy, hazy or what?

Why would a man give up everything he owns, throw away a successful and profitable career, go and live among the world’s downtrodden?


I know such a man. Highly educated, sharp thinker, personable, definitely not crazy. He doesn’t do drugs, alcohol or any other mind-altering substances. He isn’t being blackmailed, he’s not dying from some terminal disease, his wife is fully onboard with him and he’s not running from nor hiding from anything or anyone.

His problem?




3 responses to “Lazy, crazy, hazy or what?

  1. Not why… but why not? After experiencing all that this life has in store and not finding contentment in no other name except Jesus…. of experiencing the free gift of salvation… of experiencing grace “that which we do not deserve” and mercy. After seeing his life and then the life of the world and comparing it…..

    After all that…. yeah. Why not? What has he got to lose? Except maybe his life.

    But what’s his life to him if its no longer his own.

  2. Wow! Jude, my brother……how could anyone hope to add to that?

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