God is just a farce

This God thing is really just a farce, isn’t it?

I mean, seriously. Do we really believe all this stuff about a God so big that he really cares about us? Isn’t that illogical. If he really did exist in the way that the Bible says he does, why in the world would he ever want to be involved in the triviality that composes my life?

Funny thing is, we really want to believe that it is true. It’s almost like we’ve been hardwired in some way to think crazy thoughts like that. But something just doesn’t jive. As Francis Chan states it, “we all know something is wrong.”

What if… what if it is true?

I mean really true. Not true like many people who claim to believe it, go to church and struggle not to cuss. Not true like the hypocritical TV evangelists who pump the gospel like Billy Mays used to pump OxyClean. Not true like the lie that if you believe in this so-called “God” that you’ll live happily. Not true like the closed door policy of so many churches…

I mean really true.

Then what do you do?


13 responses to “God is just a farce

  1. mycrossroadscommunity

    God exists and you will never find Him with your brain my friend. Logic is prideful and Jesus Christ is not. I know for a fact that He exists because He has revealed Himself to me through prayer and relationship. If you are looking to prove to yourself that God does or does not exist, just talk it over with God Himself and you will no longer question anything. This is not an opinion, this is a fact. Take care and may God Bless you with His wisdom.

  2. If I can’t find him with my brain, how do I encounter him?

    If I want to prove he exists by talking to him, yet don’t know that he exists nor have any relationship with him, how will I be able to talk to him?

    While I do not question your belief and possible faith, you’ve told me nothing that helps me to move from the clichés and on to a viable exploration of encountering God.

    You did give me a valuable piece of information when you said that you know he exists. That intrigues me.

    You’ve also made a very big assumption on where I’m coming from. A rather dangerous and presumptive move. Wouldn’t it be interesting to explore the topic instead of blithely dismissing it with verbiage that doesn’t help me, or others?

    I’m not sure if God wants us to not question things. If we don’t question them, how can we make them ours?

    Thanks for stopping by. Would love to hear more from you.

  3. mycrossroadscommunity

    Words are words and nothing more. They can be twisted, bent and their meanings can be re-designated, according to the point that the individual is trying to make. God works in matters of the heart and not the brain. I have made no assumption whatsoever, to post “God is just a farce” removes pretty much all assumption. God is much bigger than any of us and His understanding far surpasses our own. There will be no human being that can change your heart, only God has that ability and this is why I simply said to talk it over with Him. He will reveal Himself to those who truly seek Him and when He does, you will understand. Until then, you will be unable to grasp what I am saying. I didn’t make it that way, God did. God Bless!!

    • mycrossroadscommunity,
      I’ll have to disagree about words. Words aren’t just words. Even as you noted, the meaning may be different than that which is traditionally accepted and will be based on “the point that the individual is trying to make.”

      Assumptions imply that you know enough to extrapolate obvious implication. You are accepting that I have no understanding of God because I use a title like I did; further, you make the leap that I have no relationship with him. Lets’ suppose that I did, why in the world would I write what I did? Or, let’s suppose that I didn’t. You belittle my attempts to understand what all this God stuff means. Either way, I lose; I lose the ability to help folks of like mind to be able to refine what they believe or I have the door of salvation slammed in my face.

      Neither is a good outcome.

      I watch folks blithely toss the nonbelieving into hell by their uncaring attitudes. A “that’s the way it is and you can like it or lump it” attitude doesn’t catch too many fish. In the name of “truth” we justify our lack of love. Taking a bit of time to listen, really listen, you can discover what a person who doesn’t know, or doesn’t’ care to know, Jesus is thinking. Then you have the opportunity for an honest discussion of what truth is, or isn’t.

      I don’t disagree with your contention that God will make himself known to the seeker; I do disagree with the attitude that you are right and I am wrong because God set it up that way. That creates a “you vs. me” stalemate. Again, if you are right and I am wrong in such a setting, I lose, for all eternity, because I couldn’t get past your attitude.

  4. mycrossroadscommunity

    By the way, I welcome you to give my blog a look as well. Thanks and God Bless!!


    • I did take a stroll over to your site. Lofty objective; love the graphic in the header.

      Again, I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to stop by and give your input.

  5. patrickandchristy

    mycrossroads, I’ve been trying to reach this Joe guy for God for quite some time but to no avail. He’s just stuck in his ways and irrational mindset. I pray that God will open his heart to His ways and allow Him to work through his life, so it can bear much fruit, like a guy I know that started a mission organization called Gospel for Brazil that brings the Light of Christ to the Heart of Darkness in the northeast desert region of Brazil. But I’m not very optimistic that Joe will allow God to do something so selfless and servant-minded through him like the other guy I know. Sad really, Joe just doesn’t get it.

    LOL. Love ya bro! I couldn’t resist.

    • Patrick,

      I’ve had seriously doubts about this Joe dude for a really long time. I’d hate to make a long trip with him, like to the desert of northeastern Brazil. No telling what kind of mess he might get you in!

  6. mycrossroadscommunity

    Joe and Patrick,
    May God bless you in all you do. Take care!!

  7. HAHAHAHA…. let’s just all pray for joe… how that? that he comes to the full knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    wow, how lofty an idea, right?

  8. Pagans….all pagans. All of you please complete your applications in full, in duplicate, and submit and we will be happy to send out your official “Certified Professional Christian” card. Just right and lamenated for your wallet. Please add an additional $1.25 for shipping and handling. Fully framed and matted wall sized certificates are available for a nominal fee.

  9. Ya know, I just read my own comment and I hate it when there might be a possibility that someone may misunderstand my often lame attempts at humor…..so let me just say…J/K!!! There, I feel better now.

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