What’s this “Megafone” stuff?

How do you go about making such an impact on young adults and young couples that Jesus gets a hearing?

Yes, I know of the power of the gospel. Yes, I know that it is the Spirit who opens the door. But, no, I can’t understand why we give all the “good stuff” to the enemy and let him have all the high ground.

megafone-project_capaUbaúna, Brazil is in the heart of a 150 square mile region that has over 1,500,000 inhabitants, the great majority of which are under 30 years old. We intend to take the high ground in the name of Jesus in a manner that will get our target audience’s attention… music.

Megafone is a Christian rock band in the style of Chris Tomlin, Steve Fee and even David Crowder. Drawing both inspiration and even accolades from these same artists, Megafone is bursting on to the Brazilian Christian rock scene.

And they are partnering with us to attack the interior of northeastern Brazil in August.

Flying almost 3,000 miles, then taking at 5 hour ride and immediately setting up to begin playing, Megafone is going to do more in 48 hours than most bands do in a month.

I can’t wait to give you the report of what happens!


10 responses to “What’s this “Megafone” stuff?

  1. I would love to join you in Brazil some time. This is awesome stuff.

    • Hi jmillerjr!

      Joining the adventuresome band of participants is as easy as requesting info. The next planned trip will be in the summer of 2010.

  2. patrickandchristy

    Joe, we can’t wait to be a part of this. Wow, how far has God brought this “little” ministry in such a short time. Awesome. What a voice they can have for GFB, reaching thousands to join our ministry, not to mention reaching those they minister to in Ubauna.

  3. Well, I just heard some of their stuff( Eu sou Crente is a hoot). While they are there, and you are jamming having a good time, drinking your guarana, could you think about us far, far away and maybe pick us up a cd???? *sigh* thanks *sigh(again)*

    • Actually have a copy of their latest CD on its way here. Will send it along to you and pick up another while there in August. I was just invited to speak at a missions conference at their church on the 15th, so we’re going to put the team on the airplane in Fortaleza when done in Ubaúna and fly to Curitiba for the weekend, then return home.

      • Have you ever been down south?? You know that Parana is where the sogra lives. Its definetly a different Brasil down there….red dirt, no favelas…

      • I was down there way back in the mid-80’s. I’m really excited about being able to go down. It’ll be a nice climate change after leaving the sertão.

        No, I didn’t realize that was where your sogra lived. I’m not sure where I thought she lived.

  4. patrickandchristy

    No, No, No. Can’t have that Joe. Like you said, we cannot afford for the group to be separated. I guess you just have to take us with you. No compromises. LOL. What a door God is opening!

  5. Maybe you thought she lived with Enzo? 🙂

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