If you can’t see the angel, talk to the donkey

DonkeyEvery so often I remember a passage that in some way relates to what’s going on around me and I go take a look at it.

Such is the case with Numbers 22.

Remember the story?

The king of Moab, Balak, was really bent out of shape that Israel was going to stroll through his backyard. So he tries to hire out the prophet Balaam to curse them. So the prophet saddles up his donkey and off he goes. On the road the donkey sees an angel blocking the way and ends up stopping. The prophet thinks the donkey is just being stubborn and commences to beat the mess out of him. The donkey is given the ability to talk and asks the prophet why is he beating him.

Now stop for just a moment. I don’t care how mad you are; if an animal just started speaking to you, don’t you think that would get your undivided attention?

Didn’t seem to phase Balaam. He even begins to carry on a conversation with the donkey and the conversation makes the prophet look like a donkey.

He discovers that there is this angel ready to kill him if he takes one more step forward and if the donkey hadn’t stopped, he’d now be dead.

Sometimes I find that I’m like Balaam. I’m bound and determined to do things my way. If I were to succeed, I’d make a horrible mess out of things. It is at that point that God will put a donkey in my path. If I listen, I’ll save myself from difficulty; if not… then, ouch!

I’m not always capable of seeing the angel; but I sure need to be aware of what the donkey is saying.

Heard any donkeys trying to get your attention lately?


One response to “If you can’t see the angel, talk to the donkey

  1. Haha I love this story!!! The talking donkey!!

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