First Time Mission Trippers “To Do List”

As I have stated wistfully on several occasions, I hate it when someone not only blogs what I was thinking of blogging, but does a better job than I would have done.

Such it is with Jeff Goins’ A Few Things You Should Know Before Your First Mission Trip. Go read it, in fact bookmark his blog — good stuff.

His Top Five are:

1) Be open to God’s Spirit.
2) Show obvious respect for other cultures.
3) Attempt to speak the language.
4) Try new things.
5) Don’t go back to normal.

He fleshes each of these out perfectly (so why would I want to do so?) and makes such obvious sense. Folks going with me to Brazil: take note! Give yourself a treat… read it! Daddy Joe gives it two thumbs up.

2 responses to “First Time Mission Trippers “To Do List”

  1. Hey Joe, thanks for the re-blog. Hope your trip to Brazil is/was great!

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