Struttin’ like a chicken…

So, I go over to the house of the chicken-eating man.

He looks as normal as you or I. He sees me walking up and runs out to meet me with a big smile on his face.

“It is so good to see you again!” he exclaimed. “The kids said you were in town.”

He threw out his hand and I warmly shook it. And that was when the comical side of this whole affair almost did me in.

If I swore, I’d swear that as I loosed his hand from mine that I had an overwhelming urge to break out into the chicken strut and start cackling. Seriously! And, on top of that, I had a sudden desire to eat fried chicken! It was all I could think about.

Then I got tickled. You know that laugh that you don’t want to laugh but it is almost impossible to stiffle. That was what I had. It was horrible! Then I got choked and starting coughing while I was trying not to laugh. I know I looked like I was possessed.

He ran to get me a glass of water. As I drank it he noticed me sniffing the glass and said,

“I’m sorry, but the smell kinda permeates the house when we cook. Do you like chicken?”

That was when I lost it!


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