Man eats live chicken, seriously

The comical and the serious often overlap.

In Ubaúna there is a family that lives in a miserable situation. The mother has become a follower of Jesus and her children love the Seed of Hope program. One of them has a sponsor through the program and thinks it is great that she has one and her brother doesn’t… she said she is more “lovable” than he is. After all, according to her, what good are boys?

The dad has been to a couple of the gatherings of the local church and has had me in his home several time. A really likable character, he desperately wants to better himself so he can provide for his family.

And that is where the problem lies.

The Enemy can paint a pretty picture. Unfortunately, dad has bitten.

At the first church service I attended last month while in the village, Daisy, the little girl, came running up to me and asked me to come by her house to see her father. She volunteered no other information. When I asked mom what was going on, she started crying.

I knew I was stepping into a mess.

“Ralph (not his real name) is in over his head. He went to a macumba temple (voodoo type of ‘church’) and was encouraged to ‘participate’ (that means to offer your body to the spirits to be possessed). And he did.”

With that a flood of tears and sobs followed.

At that point little Daisy picked up: “Daddy ate a chicken! I saw it!”

When I looked at mom, she said: “He insisted on taking all of us to the temple; he said we were going to be fabulously blessed and had to be there. He let the spirits in and he went crazy! He was given a live chicken and he ate the whole thing, alive, feathers, guts and all! And the kids saw it! Oh, God help me!”

Wow! How do you respond to that?

Stay tuned…


2 responses to “Man eats live chicken, seriously

  1. Makes me wonder….How often do we eat whatever our Adversary offers us, without question….”feathers, guts and all,” thinking this will give everything we could possibly need? Only to find out later that we had been duped.

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