Jesus, Twitter and the Devil

rbrb_2790Isn’t the explosion of social media entertaining!

Just in case you didn’t notice, that was an exclamation, not a question.

Why is it that we give all the good stuff to the bad guys? If we come from a church background, everything has to have some rule, regulation or negative connotation attached to it. The end result is that we aren’t allowed to enjoy nor utilize for the Kingdom’s sake, the “good stuff.”

The line of reasoning goes that if “the Enemy” is doing it, “we” shouldn’t be.

Where did THAT come from?

In Ubaúna recently I was told that evangelical churches in the area were “madder than wet hens” about our logo on our church buildings. When I inquired why, I was told it was because we had a depiction of a cross in the logo. “Evangelical churches don’t do that!” I was informed, “only Catholic Churches do!”

That got me to thinking, what else might we do that these so-called harbingers of the good news don’t do that could show the community we really do love them and aren’t anything like the religious naysayers.

But, what does that have to do with Twitter, the Devil and Jesus.

I’ve read more posts and articles on the evils of Twitter than I care to admit. One preacher fellow was condemning anyone in Christendom who dared twitter during a sermon, even if telling someone about the sermon, straight to hell. One well-know preacherman wrote a very long piece on why he was going to sparingly use Twitter even though it was the Devil’s tool. Yet another was ranting and raving how we could only “preach Jesus” and quote scripture on Twitter; anything else came from Satan.

Wow! Some of these fellows need to get a hobby.

My two-cents worth: how ’bout I give a peephole to folks who may or may not know who Jesus is through what I put out in 140 characters or less. The neat thing is that no one can even read what you write unless they CHOOSE to follow you. So, either you’ve said something that they’ve found intriguing, they think you’re interesting in real life and want to hear more from you or they’re brown-nosers who want to impress you. Kinda hard to go wrong with choices one and two.

So, though Twitter may be a “tool of the Devil,” I think I’ll polish it up and use it to give a touch of glory to Jesus…


2 responses to “Jesus, Twitter and the Devil

  1. patrickandchristy

    No wonder people think christians are stupid, ignorant, simple-minded, irrational, judgmental, self-righteous freaks. For some reason, I’m picturing Jesus standing there with the t-shirt on that says, “I’m with stupid”, arrowing pointing at us.

  2. it kinda seems to me that jesus ha been doin this twitter thang fer yeers. i meen wen his spirit ses sumthin to us, its not in leeghty paragraps, its usuly in 140 letters or less.

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