Old jackass

The brain is definitely tired today.

I just referred to myself as an “old jackass” in a text message. Better yet I included my buddy Heino Chemist under the same blanket and my pastor‘s dad as well.

Perhaps I should call it a day before my queen decides she likes the term and applies it to me as well…


3 responses to “Old jackass

  1. Haino “old jackass.” Butt i due sim two b gittin a mite long in th’ tooth. Knot shur ’bout that Haino Kemis feller, but i am purty shur yur an “ol’ jackass.”

  2. I think the term I get most often is “old fart.” I hate that because, so far flatulence has not been a major problem for me. Gray hair…aching muscles and joints…frequent middle of the night bathroom trips, yes, but gas…..not usually a prob. So, we may be old….but Joe, we don’t have to lie down for that jackass/fart stuff.

  3. if the shue fits.. wear it

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