An email telling of murder…

Remember the missionary I was telling you about who left everything to serve Jesus?Danilo-e-Fatima

I just receive this via email:

Adults and children are coming to church. Among them is a child whose father was murdered last Saturday night. Three gypsies shot him eight times because of a drug debt. Even more shocking was that the murder took place at his wedding. He had lived with the child’s mother for 17 years and they were finally getting married; this child has several younger siblings. The murder took place on that very street and in the very place we visited when you were here a few weeks ago.

I wanted to check with you to see if there was any way you might be able to help us evangelize this area and help families like this one. You had mentioned it while here. It seems the door is opening even wider for us to enter.

Any takers?

So, what sort of email have you received today?


16 responses to “An email telling of murder…

  1. patrickandchristy

    Well…since we’re going to be there! Looks like we have a divine appointment booked for us in August.

  2. Ahhh! Ya gotta stop! I CANNOT go in August. I will be praying for my participation on the next following trip.

  3. yep, gess i\’ll take apiece of that.

  4. August? What’s in August?

    • Hey Polycarp!

      We’re taking another group of workers to Ubaúna, Brazil in August. We will actually be going to the city where the murder took place and turn loose the love of Jesus on the kids and adults in the very area where the violence occurred.

      Wanna come along?

  5. Actually, I might – could you email me?

  6. Polycarp, you would probably prefer taking the plane to Ubauna like the rest of the team. I have it on good authority that being e-mailed to a location is painful and it leaves your molecular structure all fouled up.

  7. patrickandchristy

    Man, forget the 11 hour plane ride, I’ll try the email thingy. Yes, I could end up with my arm stuck on top of my head, nose for eyes and facing backwards but I may actually come out “new and improved.” Worth a shot.

  8. Patrick, if it were really possible, I’d e-mail myself where you are so we could finally meet face to face. Also, Polycarp, I will be praying for you to be able to make this trip. The stories I hear after each time the team returns convinces me that it is a life altering experience.

  9. Love the humor – and I wouldn’t mind being emailed, as long as I didn’t end up in the spam filter, or at the mercy of Microsoft!

    I have been thinking of short term missions, so perhaps, if possible, I would love to do it.

  10. patrickandchristy

    I hope soon Eddie. We’ll be coming up shortly to meet as many people as possible going with us this time. We love making the trip to Wilmington just prior to going. Gets the excitment turned up.

    Polycarp, don’t think….just do. We’d love to have you and introduce you to our work in Brazil.

  11. When are you guys coming down patrick???????

  12. patrickandchristy

    Soon girl. Don’t worry, you’ll definitely see us. Lucky you, right?

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