Coke Zero = “Yankee Go Home!”

At least according to the U.S. leading South American cheerleader, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.Coca_Cola_Zero

I have nothing in common with this egomaniac dictator-disguised-as-president, in fact, I really don’t care for him. He is so typical of the worst of character traits in Latin cultures. Obviously, I love Latin cultures, but detest this particular characteristic in it’s men. It is probably the single, strongest reason that these countries cannot break their ties to poverty.

However… I gotta admit that I like what my buddy Hugo has pulled off with this stunt.

The article wacks the fellow; he is so goofy that it is easy to do so. But it deflects the attention to the truth of his actions.

He has probably saved the lives of folks. This stuff is deadly. Yep, deadly. Seriously.

I could say, “Do your homework,” but you won’t. I deal with this daily. I feel like the little boy crying, “Wolf!” and nobody listens. I’m used to it.

Way-to-go Hugo!


One response to “Coke Zero = “Yankee Go Home!”

  1. haven’t had a soda since November but can’t figure out if I need to go get a Coke Zero just to mess with Hugo.

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