Little potholes

I’ve told the tales of the potholes in the roads in Fortaleza and in the interior of Ceará (Brazil); but, I know I’m not believed. I wouldn’t believe it either.

So, when this short video came to me the other day I thought, “Eureka!” (well, I didn’t actually think that, but it sounds good). I can now prove, to some degree, my contentions that the roads in Ceará are not good. This is but one very small example.

The title on the piece is probably obvious: “Fortaleza in Agony.”

And here is a Google map of “major” potholes in Fortaleza:

Fortaleza_Potholes These are “little” potholes like in the video and larger.

Still don’t believe me, do you?

One of the major newspapers in Fortaleza had this to say about the state of interstate highway 222 that we travel to get to Ubaúna:

Whoever decides to drive BR-222 needs to have patience, good driving skills and luck. One of the primary interstate roads that transverses Ceará is perfurated with holes. The risk of damanging your vehicle is enormous, besides the possibility of collisons brought about by the craters. O POVO (the newswpaper) mapped the highway between Fortaleza and Sobral and counted 421 craters over a distance of 230 kilometers of asphalt.

Here’s a sampling of I-222 that I traveled just a few days ago. Remember, this is an interstate highway! Any closer to believing me now?



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