Why the atheists have it right

I follow several different blogs and folks on Tweeter who are avowed atheists.

I find much of their expression of and on spiritual matters  to be entertaining, confusing, enlightening and, often, correct.pogo

Their view of what we blithely label “christianity” reflects their experience. They just happen to have been sufficiently disenfranchised by the system to the point that they’re upset and are willing to verbalize that anger/frustration. As I peruse their thoughts, I readily admit that they are right and even find myself in their bleachers, cheering for their team. I do not want to be associated with the enemy that they see in christian religion.

The funny thing is, neither did Jesus.

My experience has taught me that what they fear in christianity should indeed be feared. I know intimately how the christians shoot their wounded and don’t even bother to bury the body. I know first hand the hatred they spew like the vomit of a drunk hugging a toilet.

I suppose that is why I have such an affinity with these so-called atheists.


3 responses to “Why the atheists have it right

  1. patrickandchristy

    I recently read a blog by someone that had discarded his “christianity” and belief in God. He gave 20 reasons why. I don’t know the guy but I could feel the bitterness, anger and resentment dripping from the words. I was saddened that he had come to this point in his life but would saddened, and angered, me most was the realization that WE, christians, played a major role in him turning his back on God. It’ become a flip of a coin for christians and how we affect people’s lives; flip…heads, we screwed that one up; flip….tails, wow, we actually got it right that time. And the cycle repeats.

  2. I get it. Believe me if there was anyone who ever should get it, it would be me. There is however a side of me that’s getting a little bored with the argument that its all or at least primarily the “Christian’s” fault for people refusing to at least consider the Truth. Everytime I read this kind of thing it makes me wonder if we in some manner are not giving them further enablement to continue in their lifestyle apart from God and give them another excuse to do so. Have we Christians given plenty of reasons for folks to turn away? Unequivocally the answer is YES! But, there are busloads of great examples of servant followers of Christ and they (we) do not consider their Christianity “blithely,” and their example is rarely sited or considered by the aethiests that refuse to approach with reason any evidence of the reality of God. In fact it is the term as used in the Book of Acts and first coined at the Church in Antioch that I am honored to be refered to as being, and in which context I refer to myself. The blame game, frankly is getting a tad old. Just another perspective.

  3. The aetheists may have many things right, and they may be right about some Christians, but that still leaves them being DEAD WRONG about God and even if they were completely right about us, that correctness still leaves them in an eternally horrifying predicament. THAT’S WRONG for us and for them!

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