Hellhole part IV: Why so mad?

Satan rules.

And we aren’t doing squat about it.

That is what made me so mad. I am allowing the Prince of Darkness to rule. I have the power to challenge and change his domination, but I’m content to go about my daily affairs as though his kingdom doesn’t exist. I do nice things in a nice environment; I mouth nice platitudes; I say “go in peace, keep warm and eat well,” but do nothing to rectify the situation.

You don’t hunt a lion with a religious experience.

You hunt him with the power of Heaven.

He will not simply roll over and die; he will lash out with everything in his power and will try to destroy his attacker. Thousands of years of experience and hordes of fallen angels will be thrown against you. The gates of hell will be thrown open and the power of darkness will be unleashed on you.

A stroll in a hellhole, however, has gotten my attention. I embody the power that raised Jesus from the dead. I yearn for the promise of the conqueror.

I wish I could pick you up and drop you into that slum or take you to Paxólas where poverty has stolen hope or to the “Chewing Tobacco” neighborhood of Tianguá where prostitution and crack are destroying the youth.

But I can’t.

That makes me sad…


3 responses to “Hellhole part IV: Why so mad?

  1. Im there right with you… I’m there I’m there…. it pains me so much… it just does…. be steadfast brother Joe… steadfast… and if yes… you must give your life… do it!

  2. patrickandchristy

    Joe, whatever needs to be done in August, we’re there with you. We’ll go wherever, do whatever to shine the Light of Christ on Brazil and show Satan that he is a defeated foe. I understand that I have to be willing to do this EVERY day and I need to do better but I’m ready for this trip.

  3. btw brother joe will u be sending me that info soon? so I can get the wig sent asap?

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