Drought vs Flood


Flooding in Sobral, CE, approximately 30 miles from Ubaúna

Funny how things that were once thought of as being good can become bad.

Drought in the northeast of Brazil is a cruel way of life. The thought of rain has the attraction of a love making session for newly weds.

Currently, the same region is experiencing uncharacteristic  torrential rain that is causing millions of dollars of damage to fragile crops and untold havoc in the lives of those who are living precariously at best.

We are in the middle of a renovation project on the Seed of Hope Project office in Ubaúna. The monsoon-type downpours are slowing the work to a crawl. Pastor Audrey was concerned that the walls might collapse due to the pounding of the rain (we have removed the entire roof and the house is completely exposed). Typically the rains have already stopped by this time of the year; instead, they have been experiencing the heaviest rains since the rainy season began in December.


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