Hellhole part II: Reality

Though his power has been broken, Satan has effectively and efficiently convinced us humans, and especially those of us who claim to follow Jesus, otherwise.

We willingly give him the power we’ve been given and he immediately puts it to use against us.

As Americans we are blessed that we do not live in a third world country. What we think is “bad” pales in comparison with “bad” in less developed nations. The open depravity that Satan has unleashed on these countries in appalling. He rules. Unequivocally. People are oppressed so severely by his domination that even attempts to break free are actually traps that suck the miscreant deeper into his clutches.

There is no escape, except One, and the Dictator has so convincingly lied about the One, and especially His church, that the slave will not accept the avenue of freedom that is right in front of him.

My excursion into the favela in Fortaleza was a textbook case.

I could literally feel the presence of evil. I was challenged with “What are YOU doing here!”

Funny, but the story of the angels going into Sodom to rescue Lot came to mind, especially the scene where the inhabitants surrounded the house wanting the visitors handed over to them.

The two gatherings of less than pleasant characters on the street corners didn’t help remove that image from my mind.


3 responses to “Hellhole part II: Reality

  1. brother Joe I’m praying for you… btw… please send me that info that I too may help. I’m praying hard for you ministry. Its almost too overwhelming to put myself in your shoes but I do and being brought to tears…

    Lord, please grant my brother in the Lord Mr. Joe the strength and tenacity to keep going despite the satanic opposition around him. Lord may you guard him with your angels… may you hedge him on all sides… may he never leave unarmored and weaponless… may you continue daily to break his heart that he will response as your servant John the baptist… that may You and he decrease.

    To the point even that when people see him they might be shocked and say such things like, “I think I saw Jesus and he had the face of Joe!”

    I pray anointing over Him and all those who he co-labors with. Grant them all strength, peace, hope, grace, mercy, and much much much love.

    May You Lord gain all the honor and glory and praise forever and ever… In Christ holy perfect wonderful beautiful and powerful name I pray…


  2. hahah i typed so fast i said, “may You and he decrease!” LOL

    May Christ increase and brother Joe decrease.

    God loves you, God bless!

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