Dona Creusa needs some hair

Most women in Brazil who are married or out of their twenties are called “dona” as a means of respect. A rough translation would be the way we use the word “Miss” in the south — Miss Francis, Miss Mary, etc.Dona-Creusa

Miss Creusa is an individual who carries quite a story. In the clutches of macumba (spiritism) for decades, when she broke free to embrace Jesus, Satan came after her with a vengeance.

And he’s still attacking her almost a year later.

Dona Creusa has cancer. She is supposed to be dead. I know that sounds crass, but, literally, it is the truth.

Last summer the doctors told her she wouldn’t make it till Independence Day (September 7); then she wouldn’t see Christmas; then she would be dead before March. Now they just tell her that they can’t explain it and she is just supposed to be dead. Why she continues to live is beyond them.

We know why.

Along the way, Dona Creusa lost her hair.

Last week she asked my wife if someone might give her some.

Poor as dirt, a wig is beyond her resources; living in Ubaúna, even if she could afford one, it isn’t available.

Anyone got a spare wig lying around that you’d like to donate to a woman in a fight with the devil?

Oh, she prefers black.


2 responses to “Dona Creusa needs some hair

  1. we might have one here… or i can jsut buy one too. does she want long hair or short? let me know brother Carr. Really I want to help. Here is my email…

    Send me the sending info. And tell her its on the way… how long… im not sure… but its on the way.

    Representing Christ from Cali,

    • Jude,

      Thanks a million! Her preference is short, but, long will also work. I’ll be in touch via email the first of the week!

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