Weirdo #2

I think the desert must breed weirdism.

Meet Márcio and Meire. He was the small groups pastor for a very large church in Fortaleza and earning $2000 (US) a month. Because the church has a school, his kids were going to private school for free and his wife was working for the church.

Nice, huh?

Márcio went and got weird.

He quit his job, took on a small church of 30 people in Sobral, about 20 miles from Ubaúna. His salary is an unguaranteed $1000 a month with no perks.



Weird, huh?

3 responses to “Weirdo #2

  1. Weird is the name of the game when it comes to following Christ! BTW Mr. Carr… I’ve linked some of your post to fellow brothers and sisters at my own church who will be going to the Philippines as missionaries. Don’t be surprised if you have more than a few subcribers. haha. God bless you there in Brazil! Press on, press on!


  2. HAHA… any time Brother Joe. Btw, look out for a poem on my blog… its probably going to be about missions…. in fact…

    I’ll start it right now haha.

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