Am I adopted?

Poverty is such a cruel taskmasters. Especially to children.

Seed of Hope is trying to address the problem, teaming up American sponsors with Brazilian children. For $1 a day a sponsor can provide a child with a nutritional meal each day, clothing, rudimentary medical care, and educational assistance.

They also get to meet Jesus.

At a recent meeting in Ubaúna, Brazil, we met with all the parents and children who are registered in the program. Hundreds of adults and children were present. The level of excitement was high. Parent after parent came up to me, wanting to thank me for giving them hope.

I was humbled and more than a little uncomfortable in the role of “savior.”

At one point I had kids dripping off me like water off a duck. I was surrounded, inundated, hugged to the point of claustrophobia.

In the midst of all this commotion, a little kid was insistently tugging on my jeans. At first not really noticed, then irritated, I bent down and asked, “What is it little fellow?”

With the biggest, saddest, brownest eyes you can imagine, he looked up at me and asked, “Am I adopted?”

I honestly didn’t know.

But, it sure did mess me up…


2 responses to “Am I adopted?

  1. Brother Joe. Check my blog. The poem is there… btw. You may find the poem strangely familiar… its only because most of my source material is from your very blog. And I praise God for that.


    • Jude,

      I’m touched. If what Abba had done through my responding to his love has affected you, I’m doubly blessed.

      Thank you.

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