My sojourns in the desert of northeastern Brazil brought me in contact with some really weird people.

Danilo and Fatima. Both in their mid-30’s, Danilo is an engineer and his wife Fatima is a school teacher. Danilo was making Danilo-e-Fatima$7,000 (US) a month in his job. Both walked away from it to move to a town that didn’t know Jesus. Well, it wasn’t that the town didn’t know Jesus, it was that it was a hell-hole owned by Satan; prostitution and drugs have given the town an especially ugly reputation. Little girls barely into puberty have had multiple babies because they sell their bodies for $2.50 or are sex slaves; boys not even 10 years old are strung out on crack; 95% of all crime in the town is committed by kids between 8-14, and they are cold-blooded killers, assassinating someone for a wristwatch.

The fact that they gave up a comfortable lifestyle to move to this town is weird enough. He took a pay cut to $750 a month and she quit work altogether. Just to serve Jesus.


When the church that was “supporting” them pulled the plug on their income because they insisted on working with the prostitutes and druggies instead of the “respectable” people in town, their income dropped from $750 a month to $0. Yep, $0. And, they stayed, trusting in God to provided.

For six months they’ve been laboring away in hell-holeville. Forty people have come to know Jesus and a building has been given to him to hold worship services in. He’s made an inroad into the drug and prostitute culture and still doesn’t get paid squat. He does get more than his fair share of death threats; the drug dealers know how dangerous he is.

He’s not gone hungry yet.

How weird can you get?


19 responses to “Weird

  1. Oh my God! Would that I were that kind of weird….by the way, I looked “weird” up in the dictionary and didn’t find this type of definition in there. By these folks standards “weird” = Courageous.

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  3. The call of the Father isn’t an easy one. It’s for people who want to get down and dirty. This ain’t your “American Christianity”. This is advancing the Kingdom, changing lives, and joy, hope, and peace being brought by the crucified Nazarene.

  4. patrickandchristy

    Wow! What a brother and sister we have in Christ. What a living testimony to the power, authority, love, mercy and grace found only through Christ and Christ-like servanthood.

    Will we get to meet them and work with them any Joe?

    Looks like God is ready for GFB to wean itself off of the milk and start eating some meat.

  5. patrickandchristy

    Joe, (or should I say Mr. Kent?) do you need to tell us something? You’re not some muslim women raping psychopath in disguise are you? That would suck because I kinda like ya.

    That comment is bizarre.

    • That is Dr. Kent. Of course I’m he! Just go to the wacko site and check it out.

      I’ve got this niffty IP changer that lets me do these posts from different places when I’m really in the same place all along. I use this good looking picture of the guy in the hat because I’m actually much uglier.

  6. May God give us all such courage and love and trust in Him!

  7. that’s about the dumbest thing I have seen in awhile and that’s saying something.

  8. I thought what these people had done is wonderful reminds me of Nicky Cruz. The weird is quite simple when you can not see God’s ways. But they are not weird when your eyes are open to the call of God’s voice to help those in the fall. When the heart is open to the words of God you will see a whole new life. Thank you for sharing Jesus is something wonderful relationship like non other a friend.

    • Hi Julie,

      Society always sees folks who live sacrificially, especially when Jesus is involved, as “weird.” We both know that such is supposed to be the norm.

      Thanks for stopping by and putting down your thoughts!

  9. Danilo and Fatima May 28, 2009 at 1:04 pm my reply is for these two

  10. just so everyone knows, the dumbest thing I have ever seen is the association of Joe to Dr. Kent, not Danilo and Fatima

  11. patrickandchristy

    He’s been rehabilitated. He found Jesus! A definite cure-all.

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