Shooting from the hip

When I’m on the ground in Ubaúna, activity is non-stop.Joe-HIV-Man

From the time I wake until I finally collapse at night, my senses –and body– are going at full tilt. And now, more than ever, every single minute here is precious. I can almost hear a giant clock somewhere ticking off the minutes I have left to do what needs to be done before I leave again.

Whatever is on the agenda to accomplish each day WILL be changed. It doesn’t matter how important or urgent the item is, the time and way it is planned to be done will be done differently.

If you cannot function in that type of environment, you will not be effective.

However, it sure makes for some interesting activity!

I came with a list of items three pages long of things that absolutely had to be addressed. As I write this I am five days into a six day stay and I’m still on page one.

I guess I’d best have myself an energy drink and get to moving even faster…


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