Too jazzed to sleep

Tuesday was probably the pinnacle of all my trips I’ve ever made to Brazil.

That would include the years I used to live here back in the 80’s.

The day started off with a staff retreat on a little farm in a place called Araticun. My whole agenda for the time together was totally blown out of the water when God decided to show up.

Just the fact that I can say “staff retreat” while in Ubaúna is a miracle all in itself. “Staff,” in Ubaúna?


What took place on that little farm turned my world upside down. I simply wasn’t prepared for it. Neither was the staff.

From there I went on a 100 kilometer ride to a town of 160,000 by the name of Tianguá on the top of the little mountain range and then back down to the town of Coreaú with a population of 20,000, passing through Aroeiras, Martins and Aprazével, boasting a combined population of approximately 20,000.

We were scouting out the land.

We found grape clusters so big that two men had to carry them back. There were giants and well fortified cities.

And God has delivered them into our hands! All we have to do is take them.

Then I spent five hours planning, dreaming, crying and praying with pastor Audrey. Five hours!

And it only seemed like 15 minutes.

At midnight, as I laid down to sleep, I was so excited that sleep was impossible.

To be the recipient of a day like that humbled me like I’ve never experienced…


2 responses to “Too jazzed to sleep

  1. patrickandchristy

    Joe, I have spiritual envy. LOL.

  2. Bring it baby! Bring it!

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