What am I supposed to do?

Examine yourselves to see if your faith is genuine.

Paul is a stickler for getting it right. Don’t get caught up in the law, run after the Spirit. Make sure you know where you are placing your trust.

Sitting here in the interior of Brazil, I have to ask myself: what are my motives, what is my mission?

Is the goal for orphans to find parents or the homeless to find homes? Is feeding hungry little bellies or purging them of worms the mission Jesus has in mind? Is teaching folks to read or giving them skills to earn a living what I’m here to do? Is that the reason thousands of hours and dollars have been spent? Is this the reason I’m here?

I’m more convinced than ever that the answer is “NO!”

That is an exclamation point. Emphasis intended.

THE mission supersedes anything, including helping the impoverished. If people do not come to know Jesus in an intimate, life modifying manner, it doesn’t matter how much “humanitarian” work we do.

If I meet the temporal needs of folks but miss the eternal, I have failed. No matter how successful the effort, no matter how many people are fed, clothed, taught a trade, learn to read… if that is the best I can offer, I need to get out of the way.

It is all about Jesus, making him famous so that folks have a legitimate opportunity to know him.


2 responses to “What am I supposed to do?

  1. Is it a question of priorities? Does teaching them do any good if they are not saved? If they are saved but not taught where do they get the armor? Both have to happen but one before the other.

    You are right. We place too much emphasis on one and not the other. Sometimes we are guilty of just counting the baptisms, calling it a week and going home. Other times we add up the amount of food given out, people fed, medically treated, number of shoes dispensed, classroom attendance, Worship attendance numbers, and call it a week and go home.

    Gotta do both but without one the other is worthless. The mission is both.

    It’s not just in Brazil that we have that problem.

  2. it seems thatif whut were doin ever becomes about what were doin and not bout Jesus then we shud stop. tbut maybe feedin a hugery chile is about jesus evan if thechile dont no it. cuz maybe it leeds to somthin about God, or maybe it aint about the chile atall, but its about yer own respons to God.

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