I had a dream last night in which the Spirit was continually putting things in front of me that I had to do. If I didn’t complete the tasks, the Kingdom couldn’t advance.

I actually woke up with a sense of dread. I didn’t get it all done and I felt like I’d failed.

Guess who influenced that dream? It wasn’t God and it wasn’t the black beans I’d had for supper!

And yet, I find myself sitting here in Ubaúna in the interior of Brazil wondering if it will ever be possible to get it all done. It seems that every time you successfully complete one task, five more jump up that are even more complex than the one you completed. You work against a defeatist mentality that absolutely wears you out.

Am I complaining? Joe, haven’t you said that God is all over this work in Brazil?

No, I’m not complaining and yes, he is all over it like stink on a skunk.

I’m tired. That makes you grumpy. And sometimes it feels good to hear yourself verbalize your frustration; it shows you how silly it really is. I’m serving the Creator of everything that exists and he has given me power over the Prince of this region.

I guess it feels kinda like getting a flesh wound when you’ve just blown up the enemy’s base camp. The wound stings a tad but the enemy just got his butt kicked in a major way.

Maybe I just need a stout cup of black coffee.


One response to “Grumpy

  1. patrickandchristy

    ONE soul at a time! How do you reach one soul at a time? Do ONE thing at a time that reaches that one lost soul. Pretty soon, all these ONE things will add up to many things done and that ONE soul becomes MANY souls pulled from the gates of hell. You concentrate on the ONE thing and let God do the multi-tasking.

    You’re right, satan has no authority anymore in this region. He’s just throwing a spiritual temper-tantrum. We’ll keep praying for you guys.

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