Get the point?

Ever made a decision to do something for what seemed to be all the right reasons, but it turned out to be the wrong thing?

Saul, wounded and on the verge of being captured by the enemy, falls on his sword to kill himself. But he didn’t die (bummer!). Along comes a foreigner, Saul begs him to kill him and the fellow obliges him. Then he skedaddles to the now official king David to let him know what went down so he can get into the new king’s good favor.

Good idea, right?

“So I did what he asked—I killed him. I knew he wouldn’t last much longer anyway. I removed his royal headband and bracelet, and have brought them to my master. Here they are.” In lament, David ripped his clothes to ribbons. All the men with him did the same. They wept and fasted the rest of the day, grieving the death of Saul and his son Jonathan, and also the army of God and the nation Israel, victims in a failed battle. Then David spoke to the young soldier who had brought the report: “Who are you, anyway?” The soldier said, “I’m from an immigrant family—an Amalekite.” “Do you mean to say,” said David, “that you weren’t afraid to up and kill God’s anointed king?” Right then he ordered one of his soldiers, “Strike him dead!” The soldier struck him, and he died. –2 Samuel 1


What seems like a good idea based on our eyes and not on our heart tends to equal a bad choice. It seems good at the moment but turns and bites us.

Both Saul and the Amalekite soldier “got the point.” The question is, can I?


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