God is jacking me up

Have you ever had God rudely push into your life and just mess you up with what was on his mind?

Trust me, you will know if he does. You won’t have to sit around and wonder if he did.

He made such an intrusion into my daily affairs a week or so ago and I’m still having a problem with reconciling it with my perception of things.

I was sitting in a nice air conditioned room when he showed up; now I’m sitting in the middle of the desert in Brazil. Then I was awed; now I’m floored. When he showed up a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to be able to sit back and ruminate on it; now the consequences of it are rushing at me at high velocity.

You jack your car up when you have a flat. Inconvenient but both necessary and good. I think that when God jacks you up that it must be both necessary and good also.


2 responses to “God is jacking me up

  1. Absolutely know what you mean. It’s always scary when God comes in and says “So, you’re going to do this now.”

    It’s how I ended up going to Honduras for my first missions experience in 2006; how I ended up sponsoring a child through Compassion, and how I ended up working there in 2007.

    I’m glad to read that you’re following His lead as He jacks up your life.

    Take care.

  2. Hi Aaron,

    Thanks for stopping by. May He continue to “jack you up!”

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