The Big Top

I don’t know why I’m astounded.Tenda01Sml

God is big and diversified. That continuously astounds me. What I saw yesterday was simply one more proof of that.

I told you we were going to see the tent/worship center of the Central Baptist Church (which isn’t a Baptist church and I don’t understand why they use the name but I’ve seen other churches here in Fortaleza doing the same thing so I guess it is cool). I think the best way to describe it is that I was blown away.

I wasn’t prepared for what I experienced!

Tenda02SmlThis thing is doing things that you simply wouldn’t expect. I’d heard nothing but negative about it: it’s too hot, too expensive, too difficult to maintain, etc.

It wasn’t any of that!

In talking with one of the pastors, he confirmed that it set the stage for the explosive growth that God was going to bring them. They grew by 50% as soon as this so-called “temporary” structure was erected. 50%! And that was five years ago — not only did they retain that growth but have growth over 150% more!

I’ve got a lot of ruminating to do on this. I see lots of answers to lots of questions; much upside and little downside, including the rain and the heat in an equatorial climate.

Why associate a tent with God? Because he’ll do what you’d never expect, and, do it in a way to prove he’s bigger than we can possibly imagine.Tenda03Sml


5 responses to “The Big Top

  1. “Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends
    We’re so glad you could attend, step inside step inside!”

    Emerson Lake and Palmer ‘74

  2. Paul Sonderman

    Saw ELP in Pittsburgh once long before my bones started creaking…amazing!

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