Close Encounters

There is no such thing as coincidence.

The world in which we move lies intermingled with another. I love the term Paul uses for that “other” – “the heavenly realms.” At the risk of being very simplistic, there is a veil between the two; we who live in this world typically are unable to sense the other. What we would call “heaven” is a different “world,” or place, altogether.

Just because we didn’t know or acknowledge the existence of the heavenly realms doesn’t negate its existence.

I suppose that is fodder for another discussion at a future date.


I like the term “appointments” much better. Perhaps an “arrangement” that I wasn’t aware was going to occur. Maybe an “encounter” of the heavenly kind.

They are always interesting, often surprising, sometimes disconcerting and, on occasion, heavenly intriguing.

In the airport in Atlanta Sunday we ran into Arimar’s uncle from Tianguá, close to Ubaúna, the one who owns “the farmhouse” where we have stayed on multiple occasions when we’ve taken groups to Ubaúna.

I’ve never seen my queen so surprised; I’ve never seen her uncle so shocked.

Surprising, definitely. Intriguing… absolutely!

I can’t wait to see how this plays out…


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