Change… it is a’coming!

Thanks to a new found blog friend named Polycarp, I came across a fascinating article yesterday.

J. Lee Grady is the editor of Charisma Magazine. On the front page of this months e-version of the magazine he writes an article entitled, God Has Pushed a Great Big Reset Button. In it he says:

A “new generation” church is emerging. I visit two or three churches every month in this country. Those that are healthy and growing have developed new paradigms. Though they embrace the power of the Holy Spirit, they also place high value on evangelism, small-group discipleship, social justice and world missions. They are extravagant in giving to outreach. They are relational, not event-driven. And they demand character from leaders rather than simply celebrating a man or woman’s spiritual anointing.

Continuing, he states:

No one has coined a term for this movement yet, but it is growing—and it represents the future of Christianity in our country. These new generation churches embrace healthy leadership and don’t tolerate the kind of ministry monkey business that has embarrassed us in recent years. These churches love sinners and preach grace, but they draw the lines necessary to enforce biblical standards.

New generation churches are also connected in a healthy, relational way to other churches, yet they are not denominational in a restrictive sense. They refuse labels. Rather than wearing the cumbersome armor of a religious structure, they are free to pray, dream and be creative about how they should reach the children, high school students, business leaders, drug addicts, immigrants, homeless people, twenty-somethings and church dropouts in their communities.

I’m not one to do a lot of quoting of other folk’s writing unless I’m outright “stealing” the whole thing; this one is just a tad too long. But, it merits a reading. Seriously.

I loved his conclusion:

Please don’t fight the changes God wants to bring in your life. As you hold on to His unchangeable love, allow Him to push the reset button. Then buckle your seat belt and hold on. We are in for the ride of our lives!


2 responses to “Change… it is a’coming!

  1. patrickandchristy

    As if this guy is sharing something “we don’t already know.” There are no “new” paradigms or movements, blah, blah, blah regarding church. I bet if we could go back into time and visit a lot of the churches in Paul’s day we’d see the thriving, growing ones practicing this “new” model, paradigm, whatever someone wants to call it.

    A church of genuine disciples continually seeking God does it this way because it’s natural. They follow the model that Jesus outlined in how we are to lead Christ-centered lives. It’s not the “new” churches that are doing something different, it’s the churches that aren’t following the principles of Christ and placing the Great Commission at the center of its foundation. It’s just that they are the norm now so any church considered “new”, “innovative”, “cutting edge” or whatever seems to represent some new thing in religion. This guy wrote a lot words but didn’t say anything new or not already known.

  2. patrickandchristy

    To summarize, these “new” churches are only just “getting back to the basics.” This is how we break out of the Spiritual Slump the American Church is in.

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