Guess what I’ll get to do in a week? Play big brother to a band of warriors!

We take so much for granted in the U.S., including the way we do church and faith. Even for a non-believer who becomes a believer, there is some form of a path to take to learn more about what such a decision means, how to incorporate it into your daily life and grow in it. In the interior of Brasil there is no such foundation to work from.

We’ve taken twelve young folk, equipped them with the very basic, rudimentary tools (messenger bag, Bible, notebook, pens), began providing them foundational training for a year, putting them into real life, Jesus sharing events for the hands on experience and will then turn them loose on the community and surrounding area. We’re dedicated, and rabid, about implementing the “make disciples” order.

We’ve chosen the moniker of “Warriors Advancing the Kingdom” for this discipleship program.

The “chosen ones” have had to prove their faith and desire by their involvement in church activities and take an entry exam. Guidance was sought from the Spirit through prayer and fasting. Twelve were then chosen.

We had the privilege of laying hands on them, commissioning them, praying for them and inaugurating the program by presenting them with their equipment in January. Additionally, we gave each of them t-shirts with the warriors logo emblazoned on the back and front that serves as a type of uniform for their induction into “the service.”

Please be in prayer for these little brothers and sisters, asking that the Spirit quickly “baptize” them with the fire of battle.


One response to “Warriors

  1. patrickandchristy

    First, I want one of those logo t-shirts. So have a GG waiting for me when we arrive.

    Man, this is just so exciting! Can I enter the program? The American Church could definitely learn something from these little disciples.

    I can’t wait to get back to see them, hear about their journeys and pray with them and for them. I think a good ol’fashioned pentacostal Holy Spirit-inspired, infused Ubauna-style prayer session is in order.

    Take lots of photos and then share them all, and we want details, not this “man, there’s some exciting stuff happening but I’ll give more details at a later date.” I want it all and I want it now. LOL.

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