Jumpin’ for Jesus

I’m fixin’ (Southern for “getting ready”) to hop on an airplane and head to the really deep south again.

Ubaúna is calling my name, and not being one to ignore that call, I’m going to Brazil in just a few days.

The Seed of Hope initiative that Gospel for Brazil oversees is moving along at quite a clip. For example:

  • The town has ceded to GFB a community building that will be used as kitchen and cafeteria for feeding the children. Equipment (stove, refrigerator, freezer, etc.) needs to be purchased; tables, chairs, pots, pans, plates, utensils, etc. have to be procured; cooks and helpers need to be hired; and, the building needs a “cosmetic” face job.
  • A house has been given to GFB to use as the Seed of Hope House. Measurements need to be taken, plans drawn up and temporary actions taken to make the house usable. We will undertake serious remodeling during the trip scheduled in August.
  • Communication between sponsors and children need to be “tweaked.” We’re inviting all sponsors to send letters to their children and we’ll be bringing back letters from the children to their sponsors.
  • We’ve been invited into several different communities to see works that are in progress and participate in them. An evaluation needs to be made in order to determine the Spirit’s direction.
  • Strategies that can’t be handled long distance concerning the building need to be addressed.
  • We have the opportunity to include more children living in the proximity of Ubaúna in the Seed of Hope program. For those who’ve seen Paxólas, the areas are even more destitute, if you can fathom that!

So, we’re jumpin’ for Jesus onto an airplane that will whisk us away to the interior of Ceará.

Ummm… could we have you to begin praying now?



2 responses to “Jumpin’ for Jesus

  1. patrickandchristy

    Prayin for ya brother! I wish we were “jumpin” with you but August will be here soon. Please hug Audrey and Andreia for us and tell them we love them and miss them. And everyone else too!

  2. Mike & Loretta

    Praying, praying, praying! I wish I could go too, but I can’t! 🙂

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