Miss California hates gays?

I guess I’m a bit dense.

I didn’t even know there had recently been a Miss USA pageant, I didn’t know that Miss North Carolina won, I didn’t know that she is from Wilmington and I didn’t know about all the hoopla surrounding Miss California’s answer to a question during the competition.

Well, maybe I didn’t care.

And still don’t…

xxxxxxxxxxxx…except the hoopla peaked my curiosity.

So I went reading.

Now I’m angry.

All right/wrong arguments aside, the girl is being slammed because she expressed her opinion in a polite, non-offensive manner and now she’s tagged as a “gay-hater?”

She was set up by a judge, for goodness sakes!

Why isn’t Mr. Judge being condemned as a “gay-baiter?”

I fear for our country…


7 responses to “Miss California hates gays?

  1. Thus, we require more “Energized Zack(‘s)!” We already have way too many Perez Hiltons!

  2. Agreed…I could not believe the media buzz around this young lady from California standing up for the way she was raised and for her beliefs. Shame on the media for giving her a hard time…at least she didn’t shirk behind some P.C. line o’ crap just to win votes as most politicians do. Good for her.

  3. You know I saw this on the new the other day and it made me angry as well. I don’t understand why Mr. Question-Asker got so mad at her for answering the question…sorry she didn’t answer the way you wanted her to mister. Glad to know I’m not the only one who was frustrated by this. Mad props to Miss California.

  4. patrickandchristy

    Yea, I started to do a post on this but…..just let it go because I know it would have been in your face. I did, however, comment on Fox Forum about how this Hilton dude/ette should have been admonished for his obvious personal/political agenda. America is acting more and more like Sodam and Gomorrhea. I’ll stop with that………..

  5. patrickandchristy

    The “dude” part was me trying to be “sensitive.”

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