Daily Archives: April 24, 2009

Miss California hates gays?

I guess I’m a bit dense.

I didn’t even know there had recently been a Miss USA pageant, I didn’t know that Miss North Carolina won, I didn’t know that she is from Wilmington and I didn’t know about all the hoopla surrounding Miss California’s answer to a question during the competition.

Well, maybe I didn’t care.

And still don’t…

xxxxxxxxxxxx…except the hoopla peaked my curiosity.

So I went reading.

Now I’m angry.

All right/wrong arguments aside, the girl is being slammed because she expressed her opinion in a polite, non-offensive manner and now she’s tagged as a “gay-hater?”

She was set up by a judge, for goodness sakes!

Why isn’t Mr. Judge being condemned as a “gay-baiter?”

I fear for our country…


Energized Zack

2 Chronicles 24:19-20 is an interesting piece of work.

Could it be that it has any application to us today?

Nawh, probably not…