Cut it off!

Have you ever read Galatians?

Funny book, it is.

In some ways, Paul really gets down with the bathroom humor. He gives the short and skinny on circumcision. You know, cutting off the ol’ foreskin.

He’s a tad on the crude and insulting side. Not real happy with the Christians who lived in the region of Galatia.

He’s rather surprised that folks to whom he’s introduced Jesus were so quick to pull out the knife and go to cutting on sensitive areas of their bodies. To paraphrase him: “Are you crazy! You belong to the Lord of the universe… why do you want to go back to living under the lord of the flies?!”

He tells them to tell the pastors who are so hot to trot to make new believers cut off their foreskins in order to be good Christians to go castrate themselves.

Yeah, that Paul can be quite a character.

I wonder if what he’s so upset about has any relevancy today…


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