Green dot!!!

I got the green dot!!

Wow! Talk about a good feeling…

Now, here’s the really cool part. Talking with Jeremy (yes! a real, live phone call!), he said:

Dad, it was the strangest thing. A massive sandstorm came up and completely blinded everything. We drove back invisible; the bad guys couldn’t see us so they couldn’t attack us.

Guess what? Hundreds of folks, literally, have been praying since last night that Jeremy and his fellow soldiers would be invisible to the enemy!

Thank you everyone! Thank you!


9 responses to “Green dot!!!

  1. That Rocks Joe! It’s cool when God does crazy stuff like that. I love it.

  2. Mike & Loretta

    I love it! God is so AMAZING and I love how He works in mysterious ways!!! We’re still praying for a safe return.

  3. so glad joe! PTL!!

  4. Thank you Joe, for allowing us the privilege of approaching God with you on behalf of Jeremy and then seeing Him move with such amazing POWER! Praise God!

  5. I wonder who created the sand storm!!!
    God is awesome we keep praying

  6. Joe,

    We hit our knees and prayed at every waking moment during the night asking God to hem them in with his angels of protection. Then recruited some more to pray on Wed. morning.

    PRAISE GOD FOR A MIRACULOUS ANSWER TO PRAYER!, the second we have experienced in ten days.
    Duane and Deb

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