Conformity makes you go “tilt”

Folks are funny.

They (I) try so hard to do things the “right” way. We’re concerned about what others think. We try to conform to the “correct” way of doing things.

And it makes us miserable.

We can go through our entire lives, living out a lie, and never be able to grab the proverbial brass ring or, as the old beer commercial said, “go for the gusto;” when the reality is that we are really royalty. It as as though we were swapped at birth and are living a pauper’s life when we should be running around in the courts of the King.

Yeah, I know I talk funny sometimes…

…but it is my experiences that drive it.

Came across an interesting tidbit this morning that got this thought process brewing: we can boldly enter heaven’s Most Holy Place.

I like that.


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