The party was heavenly

It never gets old. Never.

Twenty folks who attended Lifepoint today are going to heaven because they met Jesus there today.

Seven more who showed up at Southside did the same thing.

Three hundred and fifty literally walked the aisle the “old school” way at Newspring to join the same party.

Revolution Church saw thirty experience the same thing.

That’s four hundred and seven people in just four churches I happen to be familiar with who crossed the line today. Four hundred and seven people who will lay their heads on their pillows tonight and will be blessed with the dreams of the redeemed. Four hundred and seven folks who will wake up tomorrow and begin a mini-revolution in the lives of all the folks who know them.

It never gets old…


3 responses to “The party was heavenly

  1. Awesome stuff my man. And that’s just the numbers we can count!

  2. I think I’m feeling a tremor under our feet. Its the kind that starts pebbles bumping along the ground and makes it hard for bugs to walk along….Oh, if ever there was an hour in which to pray! Step back folks….I think the Spirit has more to say!

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