Daily Archives: April 6, 2009

It never gets old…

You just never know…

Chatting with a lady yesterday between services. Heartbreaking story of betrayal, loss and rejection. Invited multiple times to attend Lifepoint by a friend, but never did. Decides one Sunday to show up but didn’t even tell her friend.

One last chance for God.

She sits down, looks at the chair in front of her and sees her name and that of her children. For you non-Lifepointers, we’ve written in permanent black ink on the back of our white chairs the names of people we’re praying for to know Jesus. She stared at the chair incomprehensibly, she said. How did anyone know she’d be there and how in the world did she manage to sit in the one chair that would allow her to see that?

Confirmation. God cares. People care.

Now she doesn’t walk alone.