Examen.me, again

I’m about a week into the use of EXAMEN.me and I’ll admit that I’m liking it.

One feature that I had a chance to explore by pure accident is the ability to return to one of the sessions if you weren’t able to finish it. Twice that has occurred. I was able to see what I’d done, what I was thinking and resume the process with very little effort.

The other nifty feature is being able to go back to what you did on other days and see what you were thinking and even make changes.


If you’ve not tried it, you’re making a mistake.

Now if they’d only come out with an iPhone app…

3 responses to “Examen.me, again

  1. What with your propensity for the Socratic method, I can understand why you’d love this so much. To my surprise I have found that I enjoy using EXAMEN.me very much as well. And, as Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” I find that this application does what it claims…it assists us in our daily examination of self and of God.

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