Ubaúna Staff Meeting

I don’t know about you who know anything about what goes on in Ubaúna, but that sounds really odd to me. “Staff meeting” and “Ubaúna” aren’t two phrases that typically are placed together in the same phrase.

I’m excited to announce that the two phrases have now been successfully mated! We have a “staff” in Ubaúna!

On February 1, we will sport four full-time staff members at the Gospel for Brazil church in Ubaúna. You already know about Audrey and Andréia; joining them are Mardônio, known to many of you as “Donny,” and Márcia. They will take on the child sponsorship program, small group development and evangelism. They will be working under Audrey’s oversight and closely with Andréia’s input.

This is an incredible advance for the work. Doubling your workforce is always good; this expansion will dramatically change the look of the church in the very near future.

If I hadn’t already said “I’m blown away” so many times, I’d say it again right now! God amazes the mess out of me!

marcia-mardonio (Márcia is here with Andréia and Mardônio is on the right)


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