Lifepoint! Flick your bic’s!

Ever been to a concert and the headline act does a masterful job with their talents? The audience will acknowledge this masteryjeff-drew with a simple act of pulling out their cigarette lighters, flicking them on and holding them high over their heads.

For my fellow Lifepointers, I want you to know that pastor Jeff and pastor Drew slammed several long balls out of the park and are deserving of a bic flick.

You already know that they are both talented fellows. They were put into a tough environment and responded above the call of duty. If you could have just seen them on Wednesday night alone, you would have stuck your chest out and strutted around like a rooster.

Music, preaching, healing, praying, loving… both gave everything, and then some.

Just thought you should know…


2 responses to “Lifepoint! Flick your bic’s!

  1. Now why is it that none of this surpises me in the least. God has gifted these two in astounding ways…and the rest of the team as well! YES! I am indeed proud of my Pastor and Worship Leader….and guess what I am equally proud to have the privilege of having you and Arimar as my dear friends. Proud? Yes….more than that….filled with admiration!

  2. Oh and did I mention…..just a little jealous too. DANG! I wanna go!

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