Viewing the past from the present

Sometimes the best laid plans just don’t work out.

My plan to blog consistently while in Ubaúna was an absolute flop. The internet connect was less than borderline; that means, it sucked! The backup plan of using Facebook and Twitter also failed; the type of signal just wouldn’t allow a more active connection to take place.

The only thing I could do “consistently” (and I put that between quotes because it wasn’t) was send text messages. Even that was marginal. I keep losing signal and the “No Service” indicator was lite more often than not. If I tried sending a text with more than just a few recepients, it would not work.

Oh, well.

I’ve bored you with all of this to state that I’m going to post the blogs I wrote on a daily basis in the order I wrote them. I hope they will still be of interest to you. Sitting here in an air conditioned room in Fortaleza it feels somewhat surreal, but I think it was surreal in real time!

Stay tuned. More details in blogs, and in photos, are in the process of being created.



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