A nap, a Brazilian steak house and an angry pedestrian

Got in a good nap this afternoon; still feel like a zombie, but not quite as pale and glassy eyed.

We gathered the gang plus Audrey into our Dobló (SUV-type vehicle we rented) and off we headed to Gheller, a Brazilian steakhouse. Meat comes at you fast and furious; everybody was asking me what the cuts were (I had no idea — if it tastes good, eat it!). We’ve baptized Drew into the clan of the Guarana drinkers and the pleasures of passion fruit juice. The exchange rate made the food taste even better!

Got to do some catching up with Audrey. I’m really jazzed about getting out to Ubaúna and getting down to the nitty-gritty. We’re going to be on a non-stop whirlwind once we set foot there on Friday afternoon. For all you alumni who’ve met him, he sends along a big, Brazilian abraço (hug).

Today it rained like crazy. Folks are telling us that this is the first real rain of the rainy season. In fact, Audrey said it is raining harder than he’s ever seen it out in Ubaúna. This drives up the humidity big time. Fortunately the actual temp is only in the low 80’s.

Coming back from the restaurant tonight a gentleman stepped out in front of me as I turned off a street. He was obviously upset at me and began yelling. In Brazil the pedestrian does NOT have the right of way, but he sure thought HE did. We only went a block and had to stop at a red light; he ran all the way up hill to us and arrived just ast the light turned green. He started pounding on my window as we took off. He would have probably wet himself had we stopped the car and all the big gringos had piled out of the car!

It’s time to crash. I can hear the bed gently calling my name.

Boa noite!


3 responses to “A nap, a Brazilian steak house and an angry pedestrian

  1. Remind me when you get back to tell the story about the time I was playing for Va Tech and had 4 offensive lineman in the car and a guy did the same thing to us, except we piled out. He left without a word.

  2. patrickandchristy

    Glad to hear you guys made it safely and got to enjoy the Brazilian steakhouse. We’re fasting now so it sounds especially good. I can see it and taste it so clearly in my mind.

    Please tell Audrey and Andreia we said, “hello, we miss you, we love you and can’t wait to see them in a few months.”

  3. patrickandchristy

    Ohhh…and try not to get killed driving ’round Fortaleza. Dangerous business!

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