…and listen I did

How do you go about doing what seems to be the impossible?

That was the question that burned on my mind after I had experienced this. My immediate was response, “a church, here? Me? Com’ on, give me a break.”

From that less-than-exciting beginning, the ball began to roll.

Now, five years and nine trips later, there is a church, pastor, members, activities and hope. As a friend of mine who has a ministry in Brazil is prone to say, “praise Jesus!” The interesting thing, however, is that this whole adventure has just begun. It appears it is now time for the “good stuff” to be unfurled.

We’re headed back down in a week for one of the most intensive strategic planning sessions that we’ve ever done. What is really neat is that these planning sessions will include four pastors and layworkers from Ubaúna. I’ll honestly admit that I didn’t know if I’d ever be able to include the terms “planning sessions,” “pastors,” “layworkers” and “Ubaúna” in one sentence. It does  sorta mess with my head, in a good way.

We’ve been blessed to have the active participation of two churches, Southside and Lifepoint. By “active” participation I mean that they give us the much need green stuff we call currency (thank you, thank you!) AND they get their hands dirty by actually going to Brazil, taking part in gathering clothes, teaching materials, sponsoring hungry children, praying. I’ve found that the impossible is a whole lot easier to do if you have other folks who stand behind you and beside you.

Both churches are sending contingents with us next week. In fact, several of them have already been before. That either means they are excited about what God is doing there or they are several bricks shy of a full load. In the case of some of them, both might be true!

I’m going to try to make several posts during the week of some of the interesting things that are happening and are about to happen. This might allow you to peek behind the curtain at some of the activities we’ll be engaged in next week.

And, just a side note, if you are really into the adventures of this trip, follow me on Twitter and Facebook. I can make quick updates there that I can’t do via computer. You do have to subscribe to both services, but it is free.


3 responses to “…and listen I did

  1. patrickandchristy

    To your credit, you did listen. Truthfully, God wanted to give this vision to someone and if it wasn’t you that obediently took up the “cause”, then he would have found someone else to bless with this vision. Can you imagine your life now without Gospel for Brazil? Maybe you can but I guarantee your life wouldn’t be the same…you wouldn’t be the same. And you would have missed out on so many blessings and spiritual growth opportunities.

    Isn’t it fun to look back at all that has happened? The awesome thing about looking back at how far GFB has come is that you get to enjoy the journey we’ve taken and see the blessings more clearly. Your mind may remember the hard or tough times but your soul and spirit don’t. They see nothing but the goodness, glory, love, mercy, grace and power of Christ and all he’s done for the people of Ubauna (and us too!).

    When you think back to when you had Dengue Fever, do you physically feel sick? No. But when you think back to when you prayed with and pointed the lady that had lived her life in Macumba to Christ, do you feel something? Yes! God makes us numb to the pain of the past and intensifies the sensation of all the good that has come before.

    And you’re right! God is just getting started with the miracles and blessings He’s going to make happen in this area. He had to start small because we were small in our thinking and our understanding of the vision. The more we grow and the more we see and understand, the more he can reveal to us.

    Ahhh, my spirit is happy. The thing about being used by God in any manner, regardless of how big or small is that it is addictive. You can’t be used by God and not want more of what He has in store. I don’t want to wish my life away but I wish it was time to get on that plane in July and head down south once more.

  2. me two

  3. Woohoo. Wish I could have climbed into that keyboard case with you. Oh wait, you said it was pretty heavy. . .

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