And it begins…

February 2004. Hot day. Raw sewage. Pigs. Stench.

Going back almost five years, it is still difficult for me to get over the amazement that God wasbig-check wanting to do something big in an armpit of a place like Ubaúna, Brazil. I did not like the place. Sitting on the porch of my mother-in-law, temperature a balmy 105+, open sewage stinking to high heavens, pigs sunbathing in the muck, that morning is burnt in my memory as though branded with a hot iron.

“Do something!”

Not one to be given to carrying on conversations with the Almighty, much less hearing from him in such a direct manner, his “counsel” was upsetting… to put it mildly.

So, what does one do when God comes knocking?

Not being an expert in these matters, all I could do was listen…


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