So, what did Enoch do?

Genesis is one of my favorite books. I’ve read it so many times I’ve worn ruts in it!

One of the stories that has always fascinated me is that of Enoch. The expression, “suddenly he disappeared because God took him” boogles my mind. I only know of one other character who did an exit stage right in such a manner. What’s up with the disappearing act?

What did Enoch do?

All that is stated is that he was really tight with God. That’s it.

I guess I really want to know… can I do that?


I realize that as far as we know, only one other fellow has so disappeared. And there’ve been some pretty spiritual folks walking around on the globe over the years who didn’t “disappear.” So why would I even bother to ruminate on the possibility if little ol’ me could pull the same disappearing act? Rather silly, even from my distorted way of viewing things.

Yet, the question actually lingers in my head. What intrigues me is this, what did Enoch do? The relationship he had with Father was so intense that God couldn’t wait till he died to get to heaven, he just yanked him off the earth faster than a squirrel can climb a tree being chased by a cat.

Does he want to have that kind of relationship with me? Or you?

I’m not ready to rule it out…


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