I don’t do no stinking resolutions

Just like the title says, I don’t do no stinking New Year’s resolutions.

I used to attempt to do them.

I always failed.

I watched a fascinating movie last night called “The Illusionist.” I highly recommend it. And, why, might you ask, am I throwing this in while talking about resolutions? Because it illustrates my position quite nicely.

In the movie, reality and illusion were so confused that it brought about a change in political power. The illusion was thought to be real, when all it did was allow the protagonists to achieve their goals. Everyone else was left with an illusion, and didn’t even know that they’d been snookered.

So it is with New Year’s resolutions. I’ll bet you a box of doughnut holes that anyone who has made a resolution that was to start today will fail. Anyone. You have designed it to fail before even starting; lose weight, get out of debt, change job, improve marriage, study harder, it doesn’t matter. By putting it off till the first of the year you have convinced yourself that it is so lofty, so unattainable, so… out of the ordinary, that you cannot accomplish it.

Thus, you fail.

Can you achieve it. Of course! But not via a “New Year’s Resolution.”

Happy New Year! 🙂

3 responses to “I don’t do no stinking resolutions

  1. I’m of the thought that resolutions are biblical, for example:

    Ps 118:6. The terms “I will” is emphatic in saying, I will not do or do such and such a thing. THe bible is littered with resolutions.

    But… it is early in the morning and I was just thinking about it too…. catch you later joe!

    God bless,


  2. Actually most of us don’t really make resolutions, because if we did they would be “resolved” to accomplish what we set out to do. Most of us make New Year’s anticipations or New Year’s desires. Still, there has to be something good in recognizing the areas in our lives that need changing and at least making the effort.

  3. You are right, I have never made a New Year’s resolution that I have kept. All of the resolutions I have made and achieved have been accomplished because they were so important that I started them right then, and did not wait until January 1.

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