A ballsy challenge

Way back in 2002 someone challenged me to read the Bible through during the year.

The end result was that for five years I read it through at least once. I thought I’d accomplished something.

I really hadn’t.

During 2008 I read 36 books. Several of them were close to a thousand pages. I’d typically read the thick ones in less than two weeks, usually within a week. Those of less than 500 pages were consumed in just a few days; a 200-pager wouldn’t last more than two days at the most.

So what’s the big deal with taking a whole year to read the Bible?

Everybody makes a big whup-te-do about the Bible being SO important, the Word of God, an instruction manual for living, so on and so forth. Yet, they haven’t even read the stinking thing through one time. I think that makes you a fake or a liar when you spout the platitudes about what it is.

The dirty secrets behind the scenes are that a) you feel really good about having read the whole daggone book, b) you’ll learn things you never knew were there, c) your faith will be stretched, and d) you’ll walk away with power you didn’t have before.

So, I challenge you (actually dare you) to read the Bible through this year. I’ll even read it in Portuguese so you’ll have a fair chance!

Here are some places to look at to get started:

P.S.: I’ve got a running start on you — I’ve already read today’s reading!
P.S.S.: Wanna know where I’ll be? I’m using the YouVersion.com plan. That might explain some of my insights during the year.
P.S.S.: If you’re ballsy enough, let me know that you’re manning up to do this.


2 responses to “A ballsy challenge

  1. Hey Joe,

    I have started the One Year Chronological Bible this year along with going to several reference sites even the YouVersion.com. I will be bloging about this today or tonight. Thanks for your bloging too.

  2. patrickandchristy

    Okay Joe, count me in.

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