A stake in the heart of darkness

Isn’t it odd how something so simple can represent so much?

Take this stick and string. It’s just a stick and some string. No big deal, right?

While true for most of us, the Lord of Darkness finds it most distressing. This little stick and string marks the cornerstone foundation of the church in Ubaúna, Brazil. He has gone above and beyond the call of duty to stop this from happening.

It hasn’t succeeded.

On December 23, the foundation for the new church / worship center / community outreach center / education center was marked off. Actual work on the foundation will begin on the fifth of January. Construction will begin in March/April, depending on how strong the rainy season is (it isn’t impossible to carry out construction during the rainy months).

We will have photos to show off when we return from Ubaúna at the end of January; what’s really exciting is that we should be working out of the new building during our campaign there in July.

People sitting out their lives in the dark
saw a huge light;
Sitting in that dark, dark country of death,
they watched the sun come up.
Matthew 4:16

5 responses to “A stake in the heart of darkness

  1. i wunce had astake in darkness. it wus good but mesy.

  2. patrickandchristy

    What an incredible journey that God is allowing us to take with Gospel for Brazil. My spirit is happy and I am in awe of how powerful, merciful and grace-filled God is and has been to the people of Ubauna. I just can’t wait to get back so I can experience it for myself.

  3. Isn’t beautiful when something that might have been previously considered practically impossible becomes more than a possibility because of the work of God? Once again we see that, “with God nothing shall be impossible!”
    And Haino….you’re beautiful!

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