with gusto

I listened to a snippet of a fellow on the radio on my way into the office. He was stating that we needed to live differently now so that we can live differently in the future. Who we are now will dictate who we become in the future.

That was interesting, but, a phrase he used is that we, as fellows of the Jesus Lord, should live life “with gusto.”

Yeah. That’s what I want…


3 responses to “with gusto

  1. Si! Mucho gusto, por favor!

  2. The man was right. Jesus lived with gusto. No wonder he couldn`t help being noticed.

  3. Interesting (I seem to use that word alot!) that today has been a “gusto day.” I found that I was projecting Jesus gusto with everyone I was coming in contact with… and it affected them, positively.

    I wonder how that came about?

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